ralph lauren inspiration.

ever since i can remember i've been a fan of ralph lauren. mostly when i was younger because we had a name in common, a few years later and my admiration for the brand went from something silly to the fashion. then because i adored dylan lauren and the fact that she had a candy store (i mean... come on, every girl wants their own candy store), and then i fell back in love with the clothes, the accessories, the simplicity, and the style of it all.
when we were shopping in hong kong, we stopped by one of the stores and made a few friends. we were the only ones in there.. so i'm sure they felt like they had to talk to and entertain us ;) i spotted these fabulous catalogs and started to flip through when the saleswoman told me to take them. i kind of felt like i was stealing they were so nice, like i needed to pay for them! they're going on our coffee table as decor pieces, but i had to share a few of my favorite pages from one of them. the layout, styling and photography is perfection. and all of the color inspiring.

all of the images make me want to have a casual bash in my backyard, go on vacation and dress fabulously, all at the same time. and even though all of the pages are so different, they all make sense together. and that, is exactly how a brand should be (totally off track, but a good point!).

catalogs are one of my favorite places to gather inspiration and ideas. how about you? where do you like to find yours?
have a fabulous weekend!

[ps. i wish i knew the photographer of the images in the catalog but there isn't any info]