currently inspired by // botanicals

happy spring everyone! it's finally here.. the moment we've all been pinning for :) flirty dresses, outdoor parties, vacations! i really wish it could just stay spring forever. if you know of a place that is like this year round, let me know. My perfect day is a clear sunny sky, but a semi-cool temp. That is how spring is here in so cal at least.
i woke up this morning planning on sharing a find or two that have been inspiring me lately, but as usual, you get to searching the web and an easy post becomes an inspiration board, or maybe that's just me.. oh well. i'm really into the botanical trend happening at the moment. all of the saturated, but still bright, colors, the flowers, mostly the flowers, i love all of it. i now need to have a little spring shin dig inspired by this botanical trend. i mean, how great are the invitations shown above? they are asking for a dinner party or an extremely dreamy wedding to be sent out for.
our lavender bush in the yard is also going completely bonkers. pretty sure i can get a cocktail, a dessert and an arrangement out of it. hopefully it grows back. i DO NOT have a green thumb, i'm shocked this lavender has survived.. so if you have any tips on not killing it when plucking the pretty little flowers, let me know on that as well ;)
i know it's snowing and still chilly in lots of areas, so i hope this helps make your first day of spring a little brighter.