trip to hong kong.

nothing too exciting to report from my trip to hong kong.. mostly a lot of shopping, eating tiny little snacks at high tea and sipping champagne. i did manage to capture a few of those moments for ya though. we were actually there to travel into china during the week and work on some fun leather accessories for a new company (explained a little about how i contribute to that here), but we spent our weekends at the langham in hong kong which was a short train ride away.
at the langham they have a little "club". no. not like a dance club, more like an adorable space where you could go to relax and have a snack. every day they serve high tea followed by a happy hour. they didn't call it happy hour, they had a name for it that was much more civilized, i just can't remember ;) i was far too mesmerized by the free flowing moet. for real... they just bring it to you like water. if you ever stay at the langham, i highly recommend getting access to their club, it pays for itself in snacks and cocktails (well, at least if you are like me). they also served amazing bite sized snacks like fresh baked scones, homemade jams, tea sandwiches, sushi, you name it. so obviously we spent a lot of our free time here... instagramming.

we did venture out a bit for some shopping. it's very much like downtown LA. one way streets lined with vendors and shops.

a few of my favorite details from the trip. this table (above, left) was from our hotel in china, if it would have fit in my suitcase i would've brought it home and hoped they didn't notice. and that vintage typewriter was from a floor at the langham. pretty sure it was in working condition. i wasn't in the mood to disturb the other guests by typing a letter though.

on our last day we did (more) shopping and spent some time in ralph lauren. man. i wanted to live in this place, it was perfection. amazing chandeliers, fresh flowers and gorgeous catalogs with some fabulous photography and inspiration. i even brought home some of the faux croc bound books, will definitely be sharing bits from those soon.

but, i am glad to be back. i'm a bad traveler (terrified of flying, horrible packer, compulsive shopper), so being back to normal is a good thing. i'm so appreciative of being able to have this experience though! i think it was not only productive for the work we went for, but an entirely new piece of inspiration for me.
hope you all have a fabulous friday and enjoy your weekend!!