a 4th birthday tea party

a few weeks ago i styled this sweet tea party for a fourth birthday. the hostess,


, had an AMAZING selection of vintage dinnerware and tea sets to work with. not to mention those fabulous table cloths. i brought in a few of the finishing details and some blooms to bring the table to life. 

these lucky girls also all received their own teapots as part of their party favors! how adorable right? i customized each one with the girls' names and placed around the the table where they were to be seated.

we created one long table for the girls and their moms, then mixed up some of tera's seating options from around the house. i love the modern touch the chairs added to the otherwise vintage table setting.

small bunches of fresh flowers were placed all over the table. i also incorporated a few non traditional ways to showcase the blooms like champagne glass vases, mini birdcages, and under some glass domes.

the mix of bright colors really kept this tea party fun which was mandatory for a fourth birthday! but to be honest, take away the booster seats and i think this would have been totally appropriate for my own, or any adults, birthday bash. i just would've added some champagne coupes to the mix ;)