instafaves. bloglovin. and i'm back.

i'm back! sorry for the unannounced break.. unfortunately blogger and china weren't getting along while i was visiting and i wasn't able to log on at all to post. oh well, hopefully you followed along via my instagram and saw a few peeks into my trip! on our days off we did a little shopping and had lots of tea time. but i will share more of that later this week.
2 things that made me REALLY happy when i returned over the weekend were the time change and this weather! it has gotten me all kinds of excited for spring. and from the looks of my faves, there are plenty of others getting their spring on as well ;)
can't wait to pull out my floral dresses this weekend like this one from @shopspanishmoss // looking forward to many outdoor celebrations, mimosas at brunch and warm weather treats like @sincerelyjules enjoyed here (majorly cute accessories don't hurt the situation either!) // this pic of the ocean makes me want to to be on our next vacation. NOW. via @creaturecomforts // and a little wedding love. these spring shades @bashplease used for table numbers are perfection and inspiration for a summer bash.

also in the news while i was away.. google reader is saying so long. so if you are looking for a new place to follow along, i started using bloglovin recently and i'm liking it very much. you can follow a fabulous fete on bloglovin here!