upper finger ring diy // day 7

upper finger rings. all the rage right? right. let's make one in honor of vday. (and a fun horse version just for fun) here's what you'll need:

glue gun, paint to match your wire, thick wire for ring, something that can cut the wire and heart charms or brads even work, or a horse, because when you saw it in the craft store it was just too cute to pass up.

measure your finger and cut a piece of your wire to exactly that length, then start to mold it into a circle shape. if your wire is super strong, you may need to break out the pliers to help you shape it.

pick your charms and trim away any extras, like the link on a charm where you would typically thread it onto a piece of jewelry, or the bars on the back of a brad. then.. PAINT!

heat up the hot glue gun and stick your mini trinkets to the top of your ring where your wire ends meet. voila. pretty pretty rings.

they're fairly delicate, but super fun and easy to whip up for brunch with your gals or a date night.