chocolate piggy valentine // day 8

i don't do many recipe posts.. so don't expect one here. i like "customizing" things. did you see this custom chocolate post i did a while back? ya, this is kind of like that, but even EASIER.

most people like chocolate. if you don't, your crazy.. unless you're allergic or something. then i'm sorry. 
anyways, since majority of people like it, it's an easy gift for valentines day! i whipped up these little piggies in a few minutes. maybe pigs don't have much to do with this holiday, but they look friggin cute in those mini pink striped bags. here's what you need to make your own chocolate valentines!

supplies: chocolate chips, super amazing EMERALD (color of the year!!) sprinkles, and a piggy mold.
ok, i realize 2 of these things may be a pain in your butt to find. so it's ok to substitute. but, if you are ambitious, i found the pig mold at daiso (the best $1.50 japanese store everrr). they have an online store here although i couldn't locate this item. and the sprinkles are from tj maxx.

i melted the chocolate in the micro at 20 second intervals stirring in between. do not heat longer than that. trust me. then pour the melted chocolate in your mold

quickly top with your sprinkles or topping of choice, pop in the freezer for about 15 minutes, then remove from the mold.

then you'll need your supplies for wrapping:
cut strips of wax paper for wrapping your chocolates, i used mini paper bags from paper source, heart cut outs for tags, red thread and faux greenery sprayed gold.

wrap up your chocolate, stuff your mini bags, wrap multiple times with the thread and adorn with tag and leaves.