printable mini love notes // day 6

how long has it been since you received a lovely little love note? ya, me too... a while. i mean, ryan and i write each other mushy cards for the big holidays, but i'll admit, life gets in the way and we forget to stash a little love note here and there. and life IS all about the little things. so start with valentines day showing your appreciation for the ones you love, but don't stop there! take these notes and stash em all year. hey, you can even leave them in random places while running errands. i guarantee someone will find one and it'll put a smile on their face. you never know whose day you'll brighten!

i created 4 fun tiny notes that you can print out along with a mini envelope pattern. print the envelope pattern on some patterned or colored paper, cut, fold and stuff with notes and you're all set for some love note spreading. 

tip: stuff in your man's pocket before he heads of to work. what a fun surprise when he reaches in later in the day!

stick these in wallets, lunches, jackets, on car windshields, in the bill after lunch... you get the idea.

[click here to download printable]