share champagne with a friend // day 3

Like I said, valentines day doesn't have to be all about that relationship with your man. You have friends too right? They deserve a little appreciation as well. So invite your best gal pal over to share some champagne, a light snack, and always necessary... girl talk.

I love these individual bottles of champagne.. because (if i can speak the truth)... if we split a full bottle, pretty positive no one would be driving home any time soon. So a single serving over a snack is the perfect size for a quick afternoon break. Sharon and I like to call these little cocktail breaks, "brainstorming sessions". It makes us feel useful in our love of day drinking... or maybe that's just me, I really shouldn't talk for others :)

So call your gal pal now, throw down a fancy blanket and ask her if she wants to share a sip this lovely sunday afternoon, because you heart her company.

[all images by a fabulous fete]