diy treat bags // day 4

today i'm sharing an easy way to whip up some treat or snack bags for you valentines day shin dig.
these are great for greasy snacks, or just conserving your energy with the dish washing (they're disposable!) all you need are 2 things, and you probably have them in your house already. spray paint and paper lunch bags.

open up the bag and spray a little over half way up. i used 2 light coats as to not completely soak the bag.

insert a clean, unpainted bag inside your painted one (just incase the paint came through, you probably don't want it touching your snacks) and open it up.

then start rolling the inside out to create the shorter rolled bag you see below. done.

now fill with your favorite bites, place at your cocktail bar for guests to grab, and you're officially a stylish entertainer. enjoy!