wear more red lipstick // day 2

Red is the color of love after all, isn't it? So why not put some of your favorite shade on that fabulous pout of yours (sorry guys, if you are reading out there). Sure, it's great year round, but I think it'll get you into a more valentines-ey mood right about now!

I've never been a lipstick wearer. Actually, I hated lipstick up until about 2 years ago. I owned 50 colors of gloss, but not a lipstick in sight. I guess it grows on you with age. It always felt a little too fancy for my former jobs, hobbies and hangouts. Not to say my life has gotten super glamorous or anything, I guess I care less about people thinking if I look over dressed, and more about how I actually look and feel in it. You can basically wear jeans, a t-shirt, barely any makeup, and slap on some fun lipstick to bring it all in and look put together. 

Obviously, I am always looking for a bargain, so when I tried and fell in love with this affordable revlon color, I was thrilled. Instant pick me up for a few bucks! Details on color are below if you love it as much as I do.

Are you a lipstick lover? If so, do you think you'll try a little red in honor of our v-day celebration?
Stop by tomorrow for the next way to celebrate lovin' love ;)

[pictures of myself taken by sharon garofalow all others by me for a fabulous fete]