our wedding // the programs

one of my favorite projects i worked on for our wedding was our programs.
since we didn't have a bridal party, and everything was very informal, i decided to create a little book that told everyone how the night would progress. people had to move around a lot from the lower balcony at the entrance to the main event space as the main space was serving as the ceremony and reception location. and to be honest, i didn't want people to get confused and was trying to make it a little easier on the dj and coordinator. plus, we hadn't used our engagement shots very much, so.. perfect opportunity to get those some exposure!

i created some quick files in illustrator and sent off to our printer. originally i had wanted one long piece with an accordion fold, but the printer offered up this option which i instantly fell for. who doesn't like mini books?!

they were placed on everyones seats at the ceremony.. and i'm sure they now all have homes of everyones coffee tables:) JUST KIDDING! That would be weird... unless you are our parents. I mean, i wasn't sure what i expected people to do with them after, but oh well, i thought they were a fun alternative to a basic program.

here are all of the pages grouped to give you a closer look.

we had ours printed, but this would be a simple diy wedding program if you are in the market.
print on some card stock and tie up the sides with pretty string or twine. i'm pretty sure there are simple book binding kits out there as well if you are ambitious!

engagement shots by up imagery
book printing by direct edge media
images in animated gif and design by me // a fabulous fete