our wedding // ceremony + reception + details

like i said, not a traditional wedding. which is why R was standing up there, pre-ceremony, speaking to the crowd. just 4 days prior, our minister cancelled. i asked ryan to handle it, i didn't care how, just take care of it. he and one of our close friends came up with a plan. our friend would get ordained and perform the ceremony. BUT, first they would put on a little skit for all of our guests.
R stood up and told everyone that our minister was a no show, and asked if there was anyone there that  was ordained and could marry us. apparently people shouted out that they could do it quickly on line (yes, resourceful and helpful friends we have). Our friend rushed to the rescue luckily and emerged from the crowd. 

I couldn't have asked for a better ceremony. Having a friend up there allowed him to completely personalize everything to us and tell stories rather than reading the typical verses. He's been ryans friend since we've met, and perfectly added in little bits from our history. this truly demonstrated that everything happens for a reason.

oh ya. and he wore a kilt (he's scottish). and ryan wore sandals. at some point you have to give up control and let them do what they want to do:)

guests then enjoyed a short time to serve themselves to a cocktail, sign our polaroid guestbook, and enjoy views while the ceremony area was transformed into the reception.

after guests were asked to come back to the main venue space, they were greeted with our favorite cocktails. Mine, a kir royal. Ryan's, a beer margarita.

I had so much fun with this dessert table. Everything was loosely based around an alice in wonderland theme, one of my favorite movies as a kid. Most random movie ever, which called for a random dessert display. There were tables and chairs at varying heights, horse sculptures, flamingos, flying pigs, a cat.. and of course the delicious sweets.

Another close friend volunteered to make us a small cake. We didn't do the traditional cake cutting, but i wanted something for us to keep and eat on our first anniversary! So it was more like decor:) Isn't she talented!!? I keep telling her to quit her day job and make cakes;)

cocktail tables were decorated with striped runners and the most fabulous florals, overflowing and natural.

i absolutely hate favors that serve no purpose. so we went with something people could take and place in their homes as decor. we filled a small hanging glass globe w/ sea glass and an air plant. hopefully people figured out how to keep them alive!

our ceremony space was turned into a little lounge area with blankets and lots of custom pillows.

after our first dance, drinks started flowing, people started dancing.. 

this happened a few times..

and i'll end with this. pretty much captures the rest of the night.

photography: up imagery
decor/design: me! // a fabulous fete
and a huge thank you to all of my friends that came over for several craft nights and were a huge part of making this wedding everything we wanted it to be. and an even more gigantic thank you to SHARON for spending her entire day setting everything up just the way I would have! that definitely would not have happened without her there.