friday finds // transitioning to the holidays

after halloween, i'm kind of stuck in transition. our dark decor is feeling a bit heavy for my taste these days. seems i am favoring the look of lighter decor with a masculine twist, simple items, and gold. shocker! i've never been a huge fan of fall items and traditional colors. The saturated reds and browns just aren't my thing. I've made peace with that and decided we can move straight into holiday. christmas, after all, is my favorite time of year. whats wrong with making it stretch a bit longer into november? nothin! especially if i'm sticking with classic shapes in neutral colors, whether it be home decor and personal items like stationary and clutches... 

i'm always trying to incorporate new and non traditional colors into holiday decor. pretty sure my go to will be peach this year. i think peach and gold will be a pretty little combo don't you?

these itty bitty peach envelopes are perfect for gifting and having handy for last minute cards.
gilded pencils are such a great stocking stuffer for all ages! i know i wouldn't mind having a few in my pencil cup.
gold chains. obvious. classic. lately pieces like this have been my go-to, to de-girlify frilly wardrobe items. it's about time i replace my last one for this shiny beauty.
origami hearts?! on a stick?! for your cup cakes?! love.
i've had my eye on this clutch for a while now (hint hint friends). i believe it will even fit your ipad. so it's functional, which means i need it.
this handmade shield mirror is just plain cool. check out the entire shop, they even have bunting made out of mirrors and a banner mirror! i predict we will be seeing these in lots of weddings soon.
toss in single stem blooms in these vintage jars for insta-chic decor. i like to think when you have an interesting vase, you don't have to get too crazy with the floral. this equals less work for moi, with big impact.
and last but not least, this love sign. i mean... i have our new living room wall already created in my head. that love sign, the shield mirror and some fancy new art prints. done.

[all items via etsy! images via shops in links above]

what's your plan for fall decor? have you already started revamping your wardrobe and redecorating? or do you even bother? would love to hear how you plan to make your home and self festive!