our wedding // first look + venue

oh. our first look.
you're nervous. it's kind of awkward because there are people standing there waiting to see the expressions on your face. you're telling yourself, why do i feel like this, i've seen this person a million times! but, it's totally different. and then seeing that excitement on the other person makes all those thoughts disappear.

laughing off the nervousness:)

after all of the posed pics, i asked if we could do a "real" one. relaxing with a cocktail of course.

and this light. are you freaking kidding me? these were by far my favorite shots of the day.

so now that i'm fully feeling like the biggest narcissist in the world posting all of these pictures of myself, here are a few of the venue.
we were SO lucky to have such a beautiful day. Blue skies by the beach in May is hit or miss.

have you had enough of my wedding yet? hope not. i still have the ceremony, details, and a few from the reception! check back tomorrow.
and thank you all for your SWEET comments yesterday!!

[all images by up imagery]