great source // alt blog

recently i came to a realization. this is happening.
what i worked for and wanted for years and years is finally happening. i am working for myself, doing what i love, and sharing it with people that are interested in hearing and seeing all of that. I've gotten here by not only working my butt off, but scouring as many sources as i can for guidance and advice. the internet being #1 on that source list. but it's the internet, and there are only so many secrets people are willing to give away. and i think i've gotten to a point and plateaued. i need to learn more and get better at doing what i do. there is always room for improvement.
so to say i was super duper extra excited when i found that alt had a blog would be an understatement. i pretty much read through every single article that morning and now check back daily to see what's new. if you're in the biz and looking for blogging inspiration and business advice check out the new Alt blog (especially if you're kicking yourself like me for not having a ticket to the conference!).
one of the articles that really stuck with me was the little chatty chat they had with joy cho. i mean, she's kind of a blogging genius right? it was quick and to the point, but she said, you have to find a niche. there are so many of us out here blogging every day and trying to grow our readership, the only way to stand out in the crowd is be REALLY good at that thing you do, whatever it may be.
[this may be completely random (but so am i so it fits), but think about in-n-out. their burgers are friggin amazing. way better than any other out there (in my opinion). but that is ALL THEY DO. and they do it well.]
moving along.. so what i am really looking for is to create even better content for you. can't wait to learn more every day! i hope this helps out those other bloggers reading too:)
have you guys visited or have your own awesome sources?