repurpose // necklace to garland

like most ladies, i'm sure, i have drawers and boxes and bags overflowing with jewelry. jewelry you bought, wore once, saved it "just in case", but just haven't met the day or outfit it goes with perfectly. i decided to finally do something with all of that.. make party decor or course! it took almost no effort and i created some fabulous garland for our next black and white bash (halloween or new years?)

i remember exactly what i bought this necklace for. it was new years eve.. and i still lived at my parents house. this necklace has made several moves but has not been worn once in all those years. in the back of my mind i knew it had a purpose though;)
yes, this necklace was extra super long, so if yours are short, find a few in the same color family and connect them! all i did was unhook one of the links and voila, instant decor.

the links were also perfect places to add something extra. i think air plants, flowers or even feathers would be a fabulous touch to garland.

now go decorate your house with your jewelry. it wasn't doing any good in that drawer anyways.