the weekend // smile

i saw it on a license plate frame yesterday, yep.. and usually i'm not a huge fan of them (license plate frames, not smiles). but this one, i was like, hey.. so true! and it's something i've given serious effort. i spend majority of my days alone, working alone, running errands alone, etc. i noticed since no one is by my side chatting with me, i have a "get out of my way i need to buy that fabric and get out of here before the post office closes" look on my face. when really that's not the vibe i'd like to throw out to perfect strangers (most of the time). so slapping on a smile once in a while isn't such a bad idea. it really does cheer you up, and people around you react completely different. i get far more hello's and smiles back. it's a pleasant break from the running to do list in my head.
so this weekend. try it, you might like it;)

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