\\ on a tassel hunt \\

if you didn't already notice. i'm obsessed with tassels. i really hope this is one of those trends that sticks.
so when i saw this hermes keychain, i thought, awesome! Just what i need (i've been on the hunt for a new keychain). then i saw the price tag. $230 was not exactly in my budget for this little piece of leather. to etsy..

i found 3 fabulous competitors.. dare i say i actually like them more?
i kind of do.
top left is $32 from Blair Ritchey and comes in a huge selection of colors
the pretty little yellow number is only $19! you can get yours at sublime gems
not into color? grab this $30 option in the classic black and gold from dsgns

[hermes version spotted on mrs. lilien!]

have a great friday!