le honeymoon. part two.

how was everyones weekend? do anything fun and exciting?
i had a 50/50 weekend. work and relaxation. i finished up a few projects for a wedding i'm working on and was lucky enough to spend some hours next to (and in) a pool.. and of course, documented it all on instagram (obsessed). i need to remind myself that people don't want to see every single picture i take:)

today i'm sharing a few of my favorite shots from our second half of the honeymoon. after spending a week in moorea, we made our way over to bora bora.
prepare yourself, there's a lot to look at.

upon arrival, we were greeted with juice, made fresh from local fruit.

look at this view. this was from our deck.
this was a complimentary upgrade for the short wait we had when we arrived.
it's amazing how much a resort will pamper you when there's a little snafu with your room.
we had a 2 hour wait (i didn't share this w/ them, but i could care less, ryan and i spend our first few hours roaming the resort and visiting the bar!) because our room wasn't ready... so they gave us what they said was one of the best views on the island. fabulous.

a typical afternoon. sunning. wining. taking too many pictures of my drinks and the water.

on one of the snorkeling boats we went on, they took us to their private island to enjoy a little relaxation, some coconut cracking and fresh coconut bread.

we rented a boat. this was stressful. the water is about 4 feet deep around most parts of the island. there is coral everywhere that comes above the water, so it's practically an obstacle course trying to navigate. i opted for finding the private beaches, anchoring, and enjoying.

if you happen to be planning a trip and are debating on islands. i absolutely recommend bora bora.
don't ask me why. i enjoyed every second on both islands. food was great, drinks were great, water was great, but there was just something about this island.. maybe it was that the resorts were completely isolated on their own isles surrounding the main island. dunno, don't care, because it was amazing.