i had an idea yesterday.
i had a craving for some lemonade and fresh strawberries sitting in the fridge.
i googled 'strawberry lemonade recipe'. basically, everything that came up was jumbo portioned and time consuming. can't a girl just make a fresh glass of lemonade for herself? no, not according to google. so.. i experimented and get to share a single serving strawberry lemonade (delish) recipe with you. get excited.

here's what i used:
3 fresh strawberries (with all the bad parts cut off and out)
1/4 cup fresh lemon juice
1/2 cup water
2 packets splenda (i know it's bad, but it's good, don't judge)
oh, and my magic bullet (i think a blender will do just fine)

throw everything in your blender. turn it on. your done!

i put mine in the freezer for about 20 minutes to get it a bit icy.

you can't make a drink this fancy and not properly serve it.. so i pulled out my fabulous coasters and napkins. for your party provided these for our wedding last month. i was so glad when i unpacked all of our things that we had a nice stack of them left over.

they're perfect for entertaining in the summer. and are a fun reminder of our special day!
i requested a neutral palette for our customized coasters and napkins, but for your party has just about every color in the rainbow. which means any color that will perfectly coordinate with your wedding or event. i'm currently eyeballing their stir sticks and matchbooks, they would definitely look nice at the little bar i've been styling in our dining room.

enjoy your lemonade;)
[all images by me]
and a special thanks to for your party!