r's and l's and s's oh my

One of the project ideas I had for our wedding uses lots of vintage letters. I’m having a hard time deciding on whether I used “R”s and “&”s and “L”s, or just stick with “S”s {r and l being our initials, s being the initial of our, soon to be my, new last name}. I notice a lot of brides like to incorporate first name initials, but one letter seems so much, um, cleaner? Simpler? I know the day is about the 2 of us, which would warrant using the first names, but it’s also about uniting… which would make using the S a great option. Please help me with this battle going on inside my head:) Whether you’re looking at it in the bride’s perspective, or the guests perspective, or even the grooms, what do you think? Of course I’ll take the grooms thoughts into consideration as well. But to be honest, I might be lucky to get a grunt of approval and shoulder shrug… men.