m a n l y // m a n

in celebration of our friends 43rd year of life [i'm tired of saying the b-word], his wife and i have teamed up to throw him a bash, a manly man bash.
when christie asked for my help, i happily agreed. i'll never turn down a chance to craft up a shindig for a good friend, throw together an inspiring board, and then see it all come to life. it's what i do.
i've actually never planned anything for a guy/man/boy/male before. we've had little get togethers at home for ryan, but nothing too decked out. so i went straight to the manliest thing i could think of.


i was inspired by it's colors, sophistication, but simplicity of it's label, and it's all american "reputation".
we'll have accents of dark, worn in wood, sturdy antique silver, succulents (simply because i've yet to come up with a manly flower arrangement), mustaches, mason jars, and a hint of garland... because it's not a party without garland. we'll be serving peanuts, potato chips and corn nuts:) and at the moment, i am searching for some yummy vodka cocktails, guest of honors fave.
we have a little over a week and are sticking with budget friendly projects, so there will be lots of diy inspiration for you when we're through!