oh look // i used succulents again

per the usual situation when running errands. i failed to have self control during my trip to lowes for spray paint i needed for a clients project [which by the way is shaping up to be pretty rad]. i'm a bit of a geek when it comes to plants. i actually just like to troll around the garden department and WISH i could keep some of those beauties alive in my yard. baby steps. for some reason i can keep things in pots alive better than when they're in the ground.

we have a little patio set ryans parents gave us. it's been sitting outside our back door for a year or two now, sadly staring back at me asking to be prettied up. that was how i justified buying more succulents.. to give the outdoor table some decor!

it took about 5 minutes and only cost around $10.
round up your succulents

i found this great planter at the dollar store!

stuff (nicely) your succulents in.


pretty decor that can withstand the sun, heat, rain, cold (just not frost) and can also afford to go a few days without watering. i also came up with some weather proof bunting for my new succulent garden:) of course! will share soon!