|| le cookie organizer ||

i went to visit another one of my new mommy friends today. a few of us girls decided to split up a meal and each bring part for all of us to enjoy while visiting. of course mine was desserts because... desserts the best part of a meal, right?

i found a set of 3 of these little white baskets at staples yesterday while shopping for a shipping box [same situation i mentioned here. i need to learn how to focus]. the set of 3 was only 99 cents! 

i spruced it up with some gold spray paint and baked some fabulously easy cookies to fill it with.

yep. sugar cookies + frosting + sprinkles = fancy dessert that doesn't take fancy dessert time.
i added a few flags to customize it for our gathering..

and left [well... what was left after we all chowed down] the cookies for the new fam to enjoy. not sure they'll last long. they were really good if i say so myself:)

i plan to paint the other 2 in some fun colors. maybe hot pink and gold. i'll keep those 2 in my office for organization. talk about versatile... cookie tray/office organizer all wrapped into one!