[ rosemary lemon margarita ]

recipe 02.
rosemary lemon margarita
found here on allrecipes.com
i'm actually stepping out of my comfort zone and experimenting with ingredients that i may have labeled "gross" or "nasty" in the past. you see, i used to be a chicken and broccoli girl. i literally ate chicken and broccoli every night for months after i moved out of my parents house. rosemary would have never made it into a recipe, and would have never even come close to my cocktail glass. oh what a difference a few years makes {and not to mention a boyfriend fiance that makes me try EVERYTHING because he said i grew up in a bubble:)}. i now have a garden in which i'm growing veggies and some yummy herbs to cook and make cocktails with. 
ok moving on. not sure what my garden has to do with this marg recipe... anyways, this one is tasty. i actually think people may have been a bit scared of rosemary in their marg, so it didn't go as quickly. but have an open mind! my suggestion on this one? i'd definitely want to try and infuse the tequila for a few days with the rosemary. the rosemary flavor didn't come through much by just adding it in the glass after you mixed the drink. i think letting it sit for at least a little bit would bring out the flavor.
try it and let me know.. or i might just try it again this holiday weekend!