. pomegranate margarita .

recipe 01.
pomegranate margarita
i found it here on food network
all you need is pomegranate juice, tequila, triple sec and lime juice.
i'm a fan of these quick recipes that don't involve many steps. here you mix and serve. i like to keep it simple with cocktails {and cooking or baking for that matter} 4-5 ingredients tops. otherwise by the time it's ready, it was too much work and i don't want it any more. and if i do, and like it, i'm bummed because i'm usually to lazy to make another:)
my advice? cut a bit of the pom juice and add a dash of club soda to make it less sugary.
this was the first one gone at confetti lab, so i think if the guests could vote, they would give it 5 stars, two thumbs up... or just ask for seconds.