- the engagement -

our engagement party was saturday. the event we appropriately called meet the fockers. and strangely, both sets of parents tugged at the chance of being the "fockers". i mean.. i guess in the movie, both sides are equally strange in their own ways, so i'm not sure i'd want to be either:)
i had to switch gears quickly for this one. moving from a southwestern shindig to a classy cocktail party. it was a challenge planning two events at once {i like to put my focus on ONE thing only, i'm not the greatest multitasker} especially since they were only 2 days apart.
i think our party turned out great though after a stressful morning and set up. i didn't get to execute every single detail i had planned, but no one but me knows {i have to constantly remind myself of this}. and i think when you look at it in anothers point of view, it was pretty snazzy:)

and as ryan points out to me, every single time we have a party, i shouldn't stress over the details because the whole puprose of that day is to celebrate with friends and family. the details are just icing on the cake.

my custom "chandelier"

i put out a few signs, this one was in case people were wondering why i picked such an array of treats... because they're our fave! and not because they matched the color scheme {trust me, i had a very hard time accepting that our favorite candies were not green}

ya, my mom has a popcorn machine, so i figured we MUST put it to use. we're planning on hosting an outdoor movie night at our house this summer... pretty sure this gem will be in attendance again.

churros, again. because they were so darn good last thursday:)

the happy couple:)

the girls

and of course the shoes... can you guess which are mine?

ryan and i had a great time celebrating with family and friends and can't wait to do it again on the big day!