a little advice

i always like to add some kind of fun activity to our parties.. no, not like a pin the tail on the donkey, something fun that will get guests talking, but they can do at their leisure.
so at our engagement party we set up and "advice" area. i pinned lots of little cards to a bulletin board, made a sign explaining what to do [i even gave examples, like "dear lauren, here is what to do when ryan is playing with his cars while you're up all night stuffing envelopes for your save the dates"]. it was basically a place for guests to write a little note, nice, funny, or to give some advice they can recommend after a few years in their own marriage.
we're posting them slowly, one a day, over on our wedding blog. i think it's a fun way for us to have a memory of our guests, rather than just having a photo album.
here is one of my favorites::


have a fabulous holiday weekend, happy fourth of july!