. cake, diy, and a kitty .

hello, how was everyones weekend?
i enjoyed mine... a little work and a little relaxation. here are a few things i enjoyed over mine::
i captured baby louis and he sat with me in his bed while i baked my cake! he even posed for a few shots:)
+ apparently a few friends are confused why i call him louie but write it louis... like louis vuitton people! you got it right? +

a super duper easy way to quickly whip up a flower arrangement::
i took a few old cans of beans, emptied them out, rinsed and took the labels off {don't worry they didn't go to waste... our pups had a little treat in their dinner that night and i'm gonna make hummus with the other can!}
then i wrapped a few strands of yarn to create a little stripe pattern, tossed in some carnations, and had a cute little arrangement!

and the pride and joy of my weekend... my mini holiday layer cake! i am seriously proud of this. i totally expected it to tip over or crumble into pieces.
it took some time {because you have to bake each layer individually} but was pretty simple otherwise.
oh, and i'm not a crazy lady that likes to celebrate christmas all year round. there was actually a purpose to this cake. i was working on my ad for this online mag and thought this would be a great addition, even though i ended up not choosing the photo with the cake cut...
i'm considering a halloween version next month and can't wait to bake another one of these when it actually is christmas!

i'm actually glad it's monday. i'm one of those people that likes to wait until the "beginning" of a period of time to start something... so with today being the beginning of the week, i've decided i'm starting fresh and doing the following::
[ follow her lead a do "art a day" ]
[ stop mindlessly snacking, and keep track of it ]
[ ryan and i spent about 3 hours finally sorting and putting laundry away, i am NOT letting it get out of control again! ]

i think 3 is a good number:) i'll start here and see how this week goes.

{xo, l}