{ sitting in a tree at hitched }

i don't think you could put any more of my favorite things into a table setting...
these are a few pictures i took of the table set by sitting in a tree events at the hitched event last week.
love the pink, the teal, the chevron, the gold horses, and how they incorporated yarn, everything is so creative and fun!

um, how adorable are these horses! spray paint is so much fun and can transform anything into the perfect piece for your occasion {okay ALMOST anything}. and check out the little button necklace the horse on the glass was dressed in, love!

yarn ball chandelier? yes please...

and another great touch, their handpainted chevron rug. i love this idea for a fun way to add some detail to your next dinner party. take a drop cloth {available at any hardware store} and paint with a design that will compliment your table setting. fairly simple and cheap! add a clear coat on the top to clean off dirt from shoes.
and ya, those gorgeous chairs ARE wrapped in yarn.

i wish there were more occasions that i could set a fun table like this! i have a lot of built up inspiration from hitched, but no where to really use it... yet:)  for now i'll just have to stick to playing with our dining room table, that is used more as a storage space than an actual place to eat!
can't wait to share more from the hitched event! i have a lot more photo editing to do though... pictures taken in the dark w/ flash just never come out that well!

{xo, l}