helloooo weekend

happy friday everyone... any fun, big, creative plans for yourself this weekend?
mine didn't start off so great, but it's okay. i've moved past the fact that i had a cute little {and very comfy by the way} striped dress on this morning with a great necklace i found at an estate sale for a buck, and my fave ankle boots... but managed to ruin it all before i even turned the first corner on my street. i was actually very close to being on time for work, had a yummy cup of coffee, and took {what i think is} a fun friday photo for my blog post. 

[yep, first outfit...]

moments later i managed to spill coffee in not one, but three large places on my dress. ya, i know, i shouldn't have had that gigantic cup of coffee w/ no cover on it in the car. i like to live dangerously i guess.
anyways, moving on. i have some super fun things planned this weekend...
i will be working with lots of glitter

making a cake like this but in red and green

and putting on a mini photoshoot in my backyard with these things.

hopefully kitty will come out of his hiding place and socialize this weekend. oh, and ryan actually ended up finding his super secret hiding spot... there is a hole underneath our bathroom cabinets that leads to some hollow empty space underneath the cabinets that only little kitties can fit into.  that hole has now been blocked, and kitty has a new collar with a bell so we can find him:)
ps- can't wait to share photos from hitched last night! despite the 2 hours of solid traffic we sat in to get there, i had a great time and left with a ton of ideas and inspiration for more parties!
have a lovely weekend!

{xo, l}