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hey there!
so... as promised, here are the pictures. much better yes? i think so:)

so again, you will receive 8 of these lovely little place card holders with 3 sets of cards to use with them {24 total}

write a message for your guests, your guests name... or you can even use these for labeling a buffet!

along with your placecard holders, you'll get a set of 20 thank you notes!
now i realize, not all of you will actually ever want to use, or need a thank you note:) SO i've decided to change it up a bit and let the winner decide exactly what they want... you can have "thank you" cards, "notes" cards, or i'll put your name on these for customized note cards.
{oh ya, and as i was working with these, i realized that the stamp lettering is WAY more cute than the letterpress version... hope you think so too:)}

and since i was a little slacker getting these photos up for you, i'm going to extend the giveaway until MONDAY THE 30TH!
good luck again!

--- original post ---
hi! sorry for the delay... i was housesitting over the weekend and did not have access to the internet to put up any info for the giveaway! so i'm popping in quickly to put up a few photos, during the week i will share more images.
here's what you'll get if you are the lucky winner::

{8 place card holders along with a set of replacement cards you can use with the holders}

these little guys are fun terra cotta pots filled with pretty moss and include an adorable pin for your place cards!
and since you'll need to thank everyone for attending your dinner party... you'll need thank you cards right?

{a set of 20 letterpress thank you notes}

these little notes have handmade ruffles attached at the bottom of each card

everyone can enter twice::
1. comment here and let me know why you enjoy visiting a fabulous fete
2. blog about the giveaway and leave a second comment

good luck! you have until monday the 23rd!
see you later this week with more detailed photos...