- i want a makeover like this -

i've always had a struggle figuring out exactly what i want my branding to say about me, or what i want it to look like in the first place... and it costs some major money to have someone work with you on that kind of thing. so when i make it big {wink} i'm hiring this team make my company look like a million bucks... isn't this branding gorgeous! i love that this package gives of a sense of playfullness while staying very sophisticated.  can i just get A envelope to put some papers in a carry around with me everywhere? love!!!

one day... it's good to have goals:)
i know there's some small business owners popping in here sometimes. any pointers on how you successfully branded your company? i've had so many ideas over the past year, but it seems that i fall out of love with them very quickly. how do you create something that'll last?
would love to hear from you about this!

{found via simplesong, all images via graphic-exchange}