{a faulously thrifty thursday... beautified bangle}

hello friends, i realize it might be friday for some of you... so lucky you! you get a thrifty project, and it's almost the weekend:)
so, today i'm going to show you how to revamp a few old pieces you already have and make something gorgeous to wear next time you go out::

here's what you need::

1. old ugly bangle you never wear any more
2. old tee
3. old or broken brooch (mine wasn't old, but i got it for 3 bucks at big lots! so it was ok to sacrifice)
4. scissors and a glue gun

cut a square out of your tee

then cut about 1 inch strips (doesn't matter how long, you can cut a few long, or more short)

now glue gun your first piece inside of the bangle

and start wrapping!

i didn't want mine to be uniform, so i twisted it while wrapping to get inconsistent strip widths

when you come to the end of your first piece, glue the end down, and start all over with a new strip

ta da... wrapped bangle

now for the finishing touch, add your brooch.  if you don't have one, how about stacking some mismatched buttons on top of each other?

voila, a beautiful new accessory!

so easy, took me about 3 minutes total and was free because i already owned everything!
if you find some cool trinkets around the house to put on yours, i'd love to see what you come up with!
have a fab night, don't forget to join me again tomorrow or sat for a giveaway!