a little bit of cabo...

Hello... it's time for me to break out the photo album and share my trip with you:)  Don't worry, i carefully edited down the 600 photos i took and only shared a few of my faves!

so if you've ever been to mexico... or maybe they're just in cabo, i have no idea... you've seen the water taxis.  which is actually a really great idea, i think! no traffic, no lights and you can go in a straight line to your destination! anyways, they're everywhere, but this one caught my eye one morning {before there were a 100 of them littering the beautiful bay}


this is where we spent majority of our time... on the beach in the sand, talking and staring into the ocean, relaxing:)

we both had our fair share of these::

we were like, locals at this joint by the time we left... so every night, they would set up these 2 tables in front of the restaraunt {which is located ON the sand} and they had "reservado" signs on them. the first night we were there, i asked the server who they were reserved for {because i obviously wanted one} and he said "for you", ya! i loved it

the view from our vip table:)

i didn't even touch this picture, isn't the sky gorgeous?

we kayaked out to lovers beach, i'm not sure how popular it is, but basically it's a beach that touches both the sea of cortez and the pacific ocean.  we were on the pacific side, if you look close you can see the sea through the rocks

um... this sucker was evil. they named it the "mamarita".  we tried our best to make a dent in it, but we ended up offering cups to the other people in the restaraunt to help themselves!  {we honestly didn't know it was going to be this big when we ordered it!}

ryan having a back flip contest with the boat crew from our snorkeling trip {ya seriously, the crew from the boat were in the water hanging out! now, THAT is the kind of job i want}

love love love all of the colors downtown

our last night... a storm was rolling in unfortunately.  although it DID make it a tiny bit easier to leave:)

now that wasn't too bad right?
have a lovely night!