[it's been too long]

i've been thinking... i went through spring and didn't have ONE brunch! so not like me.  i'll find just about any reason to host a brunch.  and spring is the perfect excuse right?
oh well, not to worry, summers is here to bring me lots of sun filled weekends perfect for mimosas, pancakes and lovely little decorations.

i'm a washi tape LOVER, and miss melinda has a lovely little shop filled with yards and yards of fun garland made of that stuff just waiting to hang around my house.


pretty mismatched vintage dishes for the guests? yes please

um, ya... there will definitely be some stripes somewhere

i know you don't usually make cakes for brunch... but i totally would just to use one of these beauties!  hmmm... how about cupcake bunting?

i'd be wearing something similar to this

how adorable? i love love love glass coke bottles!

duh, pancakes!

and, oh my, fresh, homemade popsicles... i've been dying to try all the yummy recipes i've seen in magazines for the summer.

some homeade chocolates for guests to take home as a favor?

oh, and they'd need these lovely little boxes to be packed in.

any tips for convincing the bf to have yet another get together? i need all the help i can get:)