... if i knew yesterday what i know today ...

ryan and i got up super early yesterday to get an early start on the garage sales {of course only after stopping for a donut and coffee, yum}
unfortunately, the selections were lacking... and i came home empty handed.  i DID spot one plain wicker wreath.  i thought about it then passed because i couldn't come up with any ideas for it on the spot.  now, one day later, i'm kicking myself because i found this beauty::

gorgeous right?  and i probably could've gotten this project done under $10, IF ONLY i would've trusted my instincts at the garage sale!  lesson #1 people... buy it, then figure out what to do with it later:)
anyways... i've been hunting for a fun summer wreath and i think this would be perfect in a different color {i think white would be better left for winter?}.  if/when i get to this, i will be sure to share the process and maybe you can make one too!
have a wonderful sunday!