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Sometimes the internet drives me nuts. It's like, we talk so much about how we're so excited for stuff to be here... Summer for example. Everyone's all, "OMG, can't wait to go to the beach" or "I need some vitamin sea" or "Oh, cut offs and bikinis"... you get it. But one month in and summer is already kicked to the curb, people saying they're ready for fall (is it the big nordstrom sale that does this to us? sheesh) and sick of the heat. I guess it's the need to always be ahead of the game, sharing your projects and shopping lists and everything else before the time has come. And I totally get it, I just had to work on fall decor projects last week! Anyways, to the reason I'm rambling about that. This quote always has me thinking of summer, and how we should all be trying to live through the season. I want this on my desktop this month to keep me grounded in summer, and as a constant reminder to go out, be wild, be free, forget about your responsibilities (just for a little bit though;) and have some fun. Enjoy it while it's here because before you know it, you'll be wishing it was back.

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