My Top 3 Wines for Different Occasions

You know we enjoy our wine around here. At parties, while cooking dinner, Tuesday.. you get it. I haven't always like it. I actually never even really tried a decent wine until I met Ryan. When we first started dating we went wine tasting, and i've been hooked ever since. It probably also had something to do with the fact that all that was ever around before that was Grandma's boxed white zinfandel on holidays;) Anyways, after trying lots and lots of different varietals, I've landed on Chardonnay as my favorite. And since then I've narrowed it down to my top 3 that I buy for different occasions. What are your favorites? Maybe I'm missing something magical out there!

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I definitely lean towards the rich and buttery Chardonnays over the light and fruity flavors. You are given permission to stop reading now if you hate the buttery ones (although, now we can't be friends). So what do I buy when? 

Bogle ($) - The perfect budget friendly bottle that is great to have on hand for dinner parties and happy hours with the girls. This one appeals to all of my Chardonnay enjoying friends, whether they love the buttery or fruity, it's pretty neutral.

J. Lohr ($$) - This is my go-to, making dinner, wine. It's slightly more expensive, so not something I fill the fridge with for entertaining. But it feels like a little indulgence after a stressful day of work. (wait, is this post starting to make me sound like i hate my friends and hoard the good wine? i really do like them, promise.)

Bernardus ($$$) - I do not remember when I stumbled upon this one but boy am I glad I did. This is on the higher side in terms of price. So I save this one for special dinners, occasions, or when I think I deserve a treat on the weekend. One day this will run on tap in my home... you know, when we've made it big;) I was researching a little vacay to wine taste and found that they actually have a lodge in Carmel Valley. Someone take me there.

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Tell me your faves! While I don't think these will be beat, you can try.