Hand Lettered Plate DIY

Hand lettered dinner plate DIY | A Fabulous Fete

We've hit daylight saving time (I heard on the radio it's daylight saving, not savingS, is that true or were they trying to trick me?) and are just a few days away from spring, so all that's been on my mind is setting the table for some simple outdoor entertaining. And we can have that without a little calligraphy to spruce the table up right? ;)

I've always love the idea of lettering on plates, but it isn't very practical when you have to eat off of them. Unless you like paint in your food. So I shared a quick and easy way to letter glass plates that ANYONE can do on OSBP. Yes, even if you think you don't have the skills. Why? Because we made printable templates and shared how to do this with any font you have on your computer. So stop by, see what tools I used and give it a try, k?

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