Brush Lettering Calligraphy Desktop Download | 004

While thinking, what the heck should I put on this months desktop download (and also, why are all of the quotes out there right now SO cheesy?), I thought about what I wanted staring me back in the face every day. This month has been quite the roller coaster, a busy busy roller coaster that is only looking to get even busier. It has caused me to react to situations poorly... I'll spare you my immature tantrum (in my head) details. That's just what being overwhelmed can do to me;) So, I needed something that reminded me to take a step back, look at the scenario and consider all of the people and parts that play into it, and then make a decision. I'm stubborn, so this has been a challenge. And since I sit at my desk most of the day, this pretty reminder really has helped.

Calligraphy Desktop Download | A Fabulous Fete

Do you guys post up small reminders for yourself? What do yours say? Share you mini-mantras and maybe we can get one on a desktop for ya;) Until then, be cool babe.

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