Weekend Style | The Valentines Day Edition

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I'm not going to rain all over your plans for those of you that have them, but, I don't really like going out on Valentines Day (anymore). Sure, the first time we didn't, I was probably super annoyed because someone forgot to make reservations. As the years passed and we started making dinner at home, I started to enjoy having a higher quality meal (at a fraction of the cost) in the comfort of my pj's. There's lots of other reasons (like, please don't rush me through my meal to move on to your next reservation) but I will skip over that and focus on what I really want to share. The outfit that I would spend my ideal Valentines Day in.

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Future State tees, weekend wear | A Fabulous Fete
I'm bananas for you tee | A Fabulous Fete
Champagne and roses | A Fabulous Fete

I really am bananas over these tees from Future State. Perfect, for my perfect day of spending time outside, grabbing champagne, roses and cupcakes, then kicking back to enjoy it all. The cheeky little embroideries looked best paired with a skirt and converse... in my opinion. How are you guys spending love day this weekend?!