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A guide to a galentines day gathering | A Fabulous Fete

Valentines Day has never been something I dreaded. Although I can't remember every year, I don't ever recall being bummed because I didn't have a special someone to celebrate with. For me it's always been a time that all things girly and pink and sweet are totally acceptable for the first 2 weeks of February... so, YES. I'm in. When we were kids (and even adults) my mom always gave us vday gifts (speaking of, hey mom, totally ok with still getting those gifts). Through high school my friends and I always gave each other valentines. It's just always been a fun time to share the love. So I absolutely love the idea of bringing back that fun and gathering your girls for a Galentines Day party. I've partnered with Seven Daughters Wine to share my 7 steps to hosting a fabulous little flower shop party for you and a few friends. At least this way we'll all be guaranteed a few roses when the 14th rolls around;)

Galentines day celebration | A Fabulous Fete
White roses wrapped in kraft paper | A Fabulous Fete
Treat your galentines to a DIY bouquet bar | A Fabulous Fete

1. I've always wanted a flower shop and this seemed like the perfect chance to create a mini version in my home. Pick up a few bouquets in different shades of red and pink from your local grocery store. Separate them by color or flower type in individual glass containers, just like a real shop.

Dusty roses | A Fabulous Fete

2. This should actually be number one as it's arguably the most important part of this party, the wine. The Seven daughters Moscato is sweet and bubbly and can be mixed with a bit of Rose Lemonade to make a festive and easy cocktail. The whites all seemed appropriate for this light and fun party, so I also set out the Crisp White and Chardonnay.

Pink lemonade, the perfect decor and mixer at your galentines day party | A Fabulous Fete
Wine and candy for your galentines and valentines | A Fabulous Fete
Custom stamped merci favor bags | A Fabulous Fete

3. Favors! Yes, the flowers are definitely a favor in itself, but a little candy never hurt anyone. I stamped small muslin bags, perfect for guests to grab and raid a candy bar and take to enjoy the next day. Plus, any way to get friends to reduce the amount of leftovers is always good.

Mini bouquet favors | A Fabulous Fete
Wooden candle holders to tone down all the pink that comes with vday | A Fabulous Fete

4. Set the mood with candlelight. To contrast all of the pink and red, I picked up these rustic tealight holders. A little contrast in style or color is the best way to add some interest to your table.

Gold plated cups | A Fabulous Fete
Heart shaped candy as decor | A Fabulous Fete

5. Did I mention the candy? Yes, but I'll say it again. Make sure it is abundant, and in cute jars or even champagne coupes like I did here. It's fun for friends to snack on, adds color and is decor on it's own.

Wildfox sweatshirt for lounging with your galentines | A Fabulous Fete

6. Dress the part and ask your friends to as well. I'll admit, I've already worn this sweatshirt more times than probably acceptable in the last week, but how perfect is it for a Galentines party? Or February? Or life?

Text invites instead of paper for your Galentines gathering | A Fabulous Fete

7. Well, okay maybe this is the most important part, invite your gals. Galentines Day isn't exactly a paper invitation holiday, let's keep it casual. Download this invitation for your mini flower shop get together, text it to your friends and add your details in directly after. Done (and you know they saw it, so now they have to respond;)

Wine and flowers, a winning combo for Valentines day! | A Fabulous Fete

Once your girls have arrived, open the wine, devour the sweets and put together a better bouquet than any guy could ever pick out for ya.

Will you be valentines-ing or galentines-ing this year?

Post in partnership with Seven Daughters Wine.