Weekend Notes | Get Crafty + Some Vday Links

Wilde House Paper Giveaway | A Fabulousfete

Happy Friday! This week has been one of those, I know I worked my butt off but barely made a dent in the stack of projects sitting on my desk, types of weeks. Anyone else with me? Monday's are always so hopeful, even if there are a lot of things to get done... you still have 5 full days to do it all. Then Friday rolls around and panic sets in. Good thing the team is growing otherwise I might just crawl back under the covers today and hide;)

Have you stopped by the Wilde House instagram this week? We're hosting a really fun contest called Treat Yo Wilde Self and giving away a pretty cool prize at the end of the weekend. Basically we've given simple prompts for you to follow and treat yourself. All you have to do is gram it and win! The photo above was from our 'get creative' prompt. Not only has this been a fun contest to plan and host, I've actually had fun participating as well! I picked up a few mini canvases, some acrylic and played around for a few, something I never take the time to do otherwise. I can't wait to make more of these small paintings, aren't they cute?!

And last but not least, with only a week away, I wanted to recap some of my favorite love day projects from the past in case you have some free time this weekend. Enjoy your weekends!

  • Decorate your party or home with this DIY flower garland
  • Customize this banner with your fave candy heart saying, would be super cute in your work space or to give as a gift!
  • My quick tips on how to create a simple vday arrangement
  • Printable valentines for your loves, all time favorite collab!
  • 4 quick wrapping ideas for small gifts. Seriously, grab some candy or another treat and you're set because the wrapping is so darn cute on it's own.
  • Printable pocket love notes. Stick in pockets, wallets, lunch boxes or under windshield wipers and share the love.

Image via the Wilde House Paper instagram feed.