A Month In Review | August

Summer just flew by didn't it? Definitely not ready for it to be over. I don't feel like I got enough pool days and margaritas in... but we have a few vacations coming up that I can squeeze that into... so bring on fall! While I am ok with the warm temps staying around, one thing i've already been transitioning, both in work and our home, has been to a darker color palette. Things are getting a little more moody, a little less bright. Now if only I could wear a sweater. Here's quick recap of what happened in August according to instagram.

Wedding season is officially dying down and it's been great being able to focus more energy on my blog, personal projects and brainstorming new ideas before the next season hits! But my goal right now is to fit in lots of inspiration and travel since I feel like i've been locked up in my house/office all summer. We have a few trips on the agenda so I will be sharing what we're doing and suggestions if you plan on taking the same trip anytime soon. Until then, I'll just be filling up my online shopping carts in preparation;)

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