How to quickly create escort cards for your wedding | DIY

Sometimes making interesting escort and place cards is as easy as a trip to your local craft store. I came across an entire section of these great little laser cut wood pieces. With a little calligraphy and some glue, they were transformed into pretty escort cards.

Laser cut Escort Cards | A Fabulous Fete
Simple Calligraphy Escort Card Ideas | A Fabulous Fete

Small pieces of hand torn paper were glued onto the top. You could create a flat lay with some flowers, or hang them in a more dramatic display.

Wedding Escort Card DIY | A Fabulous Fete
Neutral wedding decor | A Fabulous Fete

Then what do we do with all of these wood pieces after? I thought they would be cute as coasters, a small piece of wall art or tiny trivets for plants.

Wood Escort Cards | A Fabulous Fete

If you're planning on doing something similar, you can still work with your calligrapher to create the names and table numbers for you and DIY after. It's also a great way to get a head start even if you don't have your seating arrangements yet since you can assemble them closer to the big day! Or change them up… because no seating arrangement is ever really final;)

Happy friday everyone, enjoy the long weekend!

All images by Jessica M Wood Photography.