the ruby fizz // cocktails

today i have a fun little post all the way from toronto! the staff at d.w. alexander whipped up one of their favorite cocktails to share with you guys right in time for the weekend… read on and tell me what you think if you try it!

Good thing about cocktails is that there is always an element of surprise when you are trying out a new recipe. Naturally, given how much you like alcohol, cocktails can be either a good solution for a party or waste of time. One thing is for sure. Cocktail are always a great source of entertainment for all those that like to mix their drinks.

Since cocktails appeared for the first time in 19thcentury, there were many different combinations, some of them which were popular for a short period of time while the other are still on menu in every bar and lounge. People used cocktails as a way to promote certain alcohol brand or bar. Ruby Fizz is among the newest cocktails, made in New York. This is an excellent name for a drink which has Grenadine (or raspberry juice, whatever you prefer out of two) in it. Pink is the dominant color of this great looking cocktail.


2 ounces of gin

1 ounce of fresh lemon juice

1 teaspoon of sugar

1 teaspoon of Grenadine

1 egg white

Soda water

First you need to put ice into the shaker. Afterwards, prepare one egg white. Next part is to squeeze fresh lemon juice. Then, you need to put the ingredients into a shaker (except soda water). Shake for about 10 seconds. Mixed drink should be strained into cold glass. Lastly, put soda water on top of it.

Like any other popular cocktail, there are many variations to Ruby Fizz. For example, some people like to put Grenadine in, while the others prefer raspberry juice. Bar D.W. Alexander, one of the most popular clubs in Toronto, makes Ruby Fizz with St. Germaine, Crème Yvette (fancy substitution to Grenadine), Gin, lemon juice, mint and Cava (Spanish sparkling wine) on top of it. Naturally, you can always improve the quality of cocktail by adding better ingredients.