a twist on the mimosa bar // entertaining + cocktails

brunch is a pretty standard way to celebrate mothers day for most. i mean… who doesn't like brunch? so for those of you honoring mom with some waffles and champagne in just over a week, i wanted to share an idea i've been working on for changing up your basic mimosa bar!

instead of juices, try serving whole fruit pieces… with a twist of course!

we're going to be soaking them in liqueurs to create what i like to call a hybrid between a champagne cocktail and a mimosa! you'll need raspberries, strawberries, oranges, cointreau, chambord, strawberry liqueur and michelle sparkling wine.

rinse and chop your fruit, cover with the liqueurs in small bowls (strawberry with the strawberry liqueur, oranges with the cointreau and raspberries with the chambord). cover your bowls with plastic wrap and freeze overnight

the morning of your brunch, use a spoon to break out the pieces of fruit and serve in small bowls. you can add a little more of the liqueur for guests to add to their cocktail. the liqueurs turn to slush in the freezer, so pulling the fruit out is not a problem.

set your bar cart with chilled bottles of your sparkling wine, fruit and some fresh greenery.

i used several small bottles each with one leaf or branch. minimal effort but it added so much color to the cart!

fill in the bottom of your cart with a bit of decor so the main focus is up top where the good stuff is. you can even display your gifts for mom down here!

guests can fill their glasses with berries and top with the wine throughout the morning.

remember to only keep small bowls out and refill them as they get low. the colder the fruit the better!

what fruit and liqueur combos would you try?

[ this post is in partnership with michelle sparkling wines. thank you for supporting the brands that allow me to create content to share with you! ]