sparkling kumquat sangria // cocktails

with the summer entertaining season approaching, the search for fruity and refreshing cocktails begins. i partnered with uv vodka to create something special for you guys with their new sangria flavored vodka. i initially loved the flavor simply because it was pretty sweet which meant mixing up a tasty cocktail could be as simple as pairing it with soda water, or it could be customized with an array of fresh fruit. and lately i've been leaning towards bubbly cocktails, so i knew champagne would be making an appearance in this one as well.

i set the bar for a summer soiree to welcome the warmer weather. decor was easy to create, vases filled with fresh fruit, a cactus or two, and light colored linens to dress the table. but the focus was the fun presentation of the cocktail. i lettered mini bottles, mixed up a big batch of the cocktail, sealed them and refrigerated for guests. set out with straws in a bucket of ice for your friends and family to serve themselves!

you could really mix in any of you favorite fruit as the sangria flavor will work really well with most, but here is what i mixed in (since our kumquat tree in the yard is in full bloom!).

  • 2 fresh kumquats
  • 1/2 lime
  • 1 oz. orange juice
  • 1 oz. triple sec
  • 2 oz. sangria flavored uv vodka
  • 4oz champagne (or more to taste)

in a pitcher, squeeze juice from the kumquats and lime then add all other ingredients except champagne. mix ingredients then add to your bottles (recipe above made 2 bottles). this mixture should fill up about 1/4 of the mini bottles. top with champagne and seal to refrigerate.

to make your own sealed cocktails, you'll need these bottlessome caps, and this tool to attach the caps.

careful, this mixture should be sipped slowly if  you know what i mean;)

i hope this helps you get your parties started this weekend!

i'd also love to hear your suggestions, what would you mix the sangria flavored vodka with? i think we'll try it out with some flavored sparkling water next. enjoy the weekend!

[ post in partnership with uv vodka ]